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Today, I am excited to welcome my friend and co-owner of 7 Figure Flipping, Bill Allen! Bill gives us a little bit of his background, explaining how he was an active-duty Navy pilot for many years before becoming a reservist, and how we met at the first 7 Figure Flipping meeting in 2016. Bill said when he first got involved in real estate investing, he had done one flip in each of his first two years, but after joining the group, his business just exploded. He has now done over 750 flip and wholesale deals, has gotten into multi-family syndication, and is doing some hard money lending, as well. Bill bought the 7 Figure Flipping group about two years ago and how he has surrounded himself with a great group of people in order to manage and run the mastermind groups and the very successful Flip Hacking Live conference.


The main reason I wanted to have Bill on the show today was to talk about this year’s Flip Hacking Live and how much it benefits its attendees. This year’s conference is October 14th thru 16th in Orlando, Florida and our listeners can follow the link provided below to buy your tickets! We had a blast last year doing the program virtually but are especially excited to get back together in person for this year’s presentation. Bill talked about his first time at FHL and how amazed he was that each speaker was basically just giving away the farm, and was completely open and honest with how they were running their businesses. He said it has been very important to him to continue in that same vein, taking the opportunity, once a year, to really lay out a blueprint for people to start and run a real estate business.


Bill and I talked about some of the specifics of this year’s live event. We are bringing back the speaker’s roundtable on Thursday night so that the attendees can spend some time with each of the speakers asking specific, more in-depth questions. Bill also stressed that the basic theme of Flip Hacking Live this year is going to be what is working now for the multiple, very successful speakers in their various businesses, and what they are looking toward for their future success. We are going to dive into what they are looking at as far as changes in the market, or with their personale, or different strategies they may be thinking of implementing. Bill really tasked the speakers into forecasting what they are planning to do in the coming months to help the participants in their real estate journey.


There is no way to put into words the value that is provided at Flip Hacking Live! Don’t miss this informative and inspirational episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with Bill Allen, and hear the inside scoop of all of the substance offered at this year’s exciting event!


Notable Quotes:

“I’m really enjoying life now, hanging out with some cool people, and trying to continue doing as many deals as I can.”

  • Bill Allen


“Your drive and passion for what you do is amazing and everything you become involved in becomes much better.”

  • Mike Simmons


“The first year that I went to Flip Hacking Live I was shocked at how open and honest everyone was - they were just giving away the farm.”

  • Bill Allen


“This is what Flip Hacking Live is about -  open it up once a year, share everything, and don’t hold anything back.”

  • Bill Allen


“This event is content-rich for anybody in real estate.”

  • Bill Allen


“There are also a lot of great connections to be made at FHL.”

  • Bill Allen


“My guess is there are gaps in your game. There are things that you are not doing that you should be doing and there are probably things that you are focusing on that are not of great benefit to you right now.”

  • Mike Simmons


“Those first six months - how do I actually start, build, and grow my business for speed.”

  • Mike Simmons


“I really want to take you on this journey of real estate investing within Flip Hacking Live.”

  • Bill Allen


“We are going to focus on what is working now and what is going to work next.”

  • Bill Allen


“Choose your own adventure.”

  • Bill Allen


“You need traffic, right? You need phone calls, you need inbound leads, you need deals.”

  • Bill Allen


“A successful investor and an unsuccessful investor - the difference is belief.”

  • Bill Allen


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